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What Should Your Priorities After Planting Be?


What Should Your Priorities After Planting Be?

Some Indiana growers have wrapped up planting for 2020, and others will finish in the next few weeks. What is the next set of priorities to consider?

With planting done and emergence underway, soil fertility becomes one of the next concerns.

Nate Wyss, marketing development specialist with Corteva Agrisicience, says making sure your crops have enough nitrogen for the early growing season is a key consideration.

“Considering multiple applications of nitrogen is a good place to start. Then understanding what your expectations are, for both yield on a field and the typical weather patterns in the area.”

Weed control is also a concern. Wyss says whether you used a pre- or post-emergence product, having a good residual control is vital.

“So that as weather and adverse events come at us, we know we have residual out on that acre and that will keep these weeds from getting out of control.”

Wyss says some new technology is available for soybeans that provides good residual control , especially on tough to control weeds.

“We are pushing hard to have a residual application especially on soybeans. The Enlist E3 soybeans are going to be big in the marketplace, and using new technology like this will be a key tool.”

He added that a good mix of modes of action also is key to good stewardship of these technologies.