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When 3 is Better Than 2 For Control of Weed Resistance


When 3 is Better Than 2 For Control of Weed Resistance


trivenceFor 2015, Indiana soybean growers will have a way to mix three modes of action with one product, Trivence™  Herbicide from DuPont. Ginny Goodman, product marketing manager with DuPont, told HAT mixing modes of action is the key to better weed control, “By combining three chemistries, we are taking to the next level. Most of what is available in the marketplace combines only two modes of action.” According to DuPont, with three modes of action, Trivence™ helps preserve the efficacy of existing herbicide options when used in a strategic weed-control program. The right combination of active ingredients helps tackle the toughest broadleaf weeds, keeping fields clean well after soybean planting and supporting uniform crop emergence. Trivence™ provides reliable control of the most challenging broadleaf weeds in soybeans, including Palmer amaranth, marestail, waterhemp, giant ragweed, morning glory, and lambsquarters.


Goodman said the combination of three different chemistries results in more effective weed control, while at the same time helping to fight the development of weed resistance, “You find that by using three modes of action you get better results. You are able to cover several different weed spectrums and help growers in a variety of different situations.” She added the product was designed to fit into a grower’s program with a good deal of flexibility, “It can work in a pre-plant or pre-emerge, and there are local DuPont specialists ready to work with growers to address certain local weather or crop conditions.”


” Trivence™  is particularly valuable to soybean growers facing glyphosate- and ALS-resistant weeds,” said James Hay, business director, North America, DuPont Crop Protection. Trivence™  herbicide is included in the TruChoice rewards program, which helps growers partner seed and crop protection products for the greatest agronomic and economic advantage.