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White County Farmer Reporting Good Yields


Teel has good yields

Lynn Teel-11 harvestMore rains mean more delays in harvesting Indiana’s corn and soybean crops, but for Tippecanoe and White County farmer Lynn Teel, as much rain as there has been, he figures he only needs a few dry days to get back in the fields. In the last 2 days Teel has had 2 inches on top of already wet fields. It was wet conditions that kept him from getting the start to harvest that he wanted.

“But since then we’ve hit it here and there where we could on the drier days, so we’ve gotten along fairly good. We’ve got most of our beans out with 200 acres left of those and about 400 or 500 acres of corn left. There’s quite a few crops out but there’s also a lot standing.”

Teel’s yields and moisture levels in both corn and soybeans are more than acceptable this year.

“We’ve been pretty happy with soybean yields. They’ve been running all the way from 45 clear up to 70 bushels per acre, so we’re really happy with the soybean yields. Moisture on them, most came out between 12 and 14 percent.”

Corn yields have been varied in the Teel fields.

“We ran into one variety that wasn’t real good. For this year you’d like to see it do better. It went about 210-215 bushels per acre, but most of our yields have been running up around 240 to 260. So, corn is doing tremendous also.”

The corn crop has dried down well with moisture levels ranging from 18-20 percent.

Challenges for the reaminder of harvest will continue to be the weather and wet fields, but he also told HAT stalk quality is really starting to deteriorate now.

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