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Whiteshire Hamroc Plans Indiana Expansion


Whiteshire HamrocWhiteshire Hamroc LLC, of rural Albion, IN, exported their largest international shipment of swine breeding stock to China on October 14, 2013. This shipment consisted of 1,180 pigs representing three of the four major breeds of swine in the United States: Yorkshire, Landrace, and Duroc. This is one of several shipments destined for China that are being coordinated by Clayton Agri-Marketing of Jefferson City, Missouri. Whiteshire Hamroc is the largest U.S. recorder of Yorkshire, Landrace, Duroc, and Hampshire combined, according to the National Swine Registry 2012 recordings. Whiteshire Hamroc has been exporting swine breeding stock for more than 20 years and to over 22 different countries. 


“International interest in U.S. swine genetics continues to grow and represent a larger percentage of Whiteshire Hamroc’s business,” explains Dr. Mike Lemmon, CEO of Whiteshire Hamroc. “We are very active within the Chinese market, with Whiteshire Hamroc having an office and support staff in Beijing, China. Whiteshire Hamroc plans to export several shipments of swine breeding stock to China over the next several months,” adds Dr. Lemmon.