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Who is the stupid one


Not sure who is the stupid one here

The person at Rural King who thought this idea up in the first place

The person who did not contact 4-H and ask if they wanted the money from a goat  raffle

The company lawyer at Rural King who did not bother to check if this kind of thing was legal

The city of Muncie for having such a dumb law and having such a bad tampered code inspector


All of the above

Goat raffle has b-a-a-d outcome for farm store


MUNCIE, Ind. (AP) — An Indiana farm supply store’s plan to raffle off a young goat to help local 4-H programs has been called off.

The Rural King store in Muncie was selling $1 tickets. But the city’s animal control agency halted the contest on Wednesday and fined the business $100 for raffling a live animal in violation of a local ordinance.

The Star Press reports (https://tspne.ws/1CSXqzh ) that the 3-month-old brown goat, named Ernie, had been kept in a pen inside the store since at least last week.

Animal Rescue Fund co-director Dana Salkoski said she offered to buy the goat for $100, but was told the raffle had already raised about $600 and would go on as scheduled.

A store manager referred calls to the chain’s corporate office, which had no comment.

Fund founder Terri Panszi said the issue hit home since the group had rescued a goat and eight lambs earlier this year.

“The problem we have is they’re raffling off a live animal to they-don’t-know-who,” Panszi said.

The local ordinance includes an exception for “4-H auctions and/or charity fundraisers,” but it didn’t apply because the store isn’t officially connected with 4-H and had not made arrangements with 4-H before the raffle, according to Muncie Animal Shelter/Animal Control Director Phil Peckinpaugh.

Donors who didn’t want to participate in the actual raffle could check a box saying they just wanted their money to go to 4-H.

“I think that their intent was noble,” Peckinpaugh said. But, he said, “rules are rules.”

The goat was leashed and taken out to a waiting pickup truck while Peckinpaugh was still in the store Wednesday, to be returned to the farm from which it had come.


Information from: The Star Press, https://www.thestarpress.com