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Will E15 Availability Grow in New Administration?



e15-pumpA higher octane, less expensive fuel might be coming to a gas station near you, or it might already be available. More E15 gas with 15 percent ethanol is available every month at pumps in parts of the U.S. and Indiana. The increase in availability will continue, says Bob Dinneen with the Renewable Fuels Association.

“So far it’s happened because the industry itself through a program called Prime the Pump, with help from USDA as well, but investing their own money to encourage major marketers to help them with the infrastructure cost to make that more feasible for them. And that will continue.”

But Dinneen adds, with key regulatory relief marketers would be more likely to take the leap and with less effort from the renewables industry.

bob-dinneen-16“With some regulatory relief it’s going to be a lot easier for them to make that choice themselves, and that’s what we’re really looking forward to,” he told HAT. So hopefully while it’s been sort of house to house warfare so far, you’ll see a sea change and just more and more marketers being willing to step up because what gasoline marketer wouldn’t want to offer a higher octane, lower cost fuel for their consumers? Of course they do.”

Dinneen feels help in the regulatory world may well be on its way in the form of the Trump administration.

“He’s a businessman,” Dinneen explained. “I’m sure he’s faced nonsensical regulations himself, and I think he will be persuaded, and the people he appoints I think will be sensitive to the needs of business and will respect what’s in the best interest of consumers ultimately, which is to allow businesses to get their products to them in the most efficient way, without a lot of unnecessary bureaucratic red tape.”

Dinneen made clear that he doesn’t mean important safety and health regulations, just those that have no real consumer or environmental benefit.