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Wilson Promotes High Oleic as Part of USB Assignment


Wilson on high oleic

Kevin Wilson-13Kevin Wilson is one of the newest members to take his seat as a director for the United Soybean Board. He just completed service as president of the Indiana Soybean Alliance, and now in his new role Wilson is promoting soy on the national and international level, including encouraging other growers to consider planting the high oleic soybeans he has on his own Cass County farm.

“Last year we grew a little over 300 acres and from a production standpoint they were just really consistent with what the rest of our crop was running, and plans are for about the same amount of acres we raised last year for this next year.”

Wilson says with the market signaling a switch to more bean acres this year, central and northern Indiana growers can benefit from planting the DuPont Pioneer Plenish varieties.

“Currently you’re getting 40 to 50 cents a bushel premium for this soybean to be raised. If it fits your situation, if you’ve got bins that you’ve been storing beans in or are not too far from one of these locations that take beans in the fall delivery, this I think would be a great fit and something that you would want to look into. Currently Pioneer has three numbers, a 29, a 33, and a 34 maturity and a pretty good supply of them as well. So I would recommend anybody that would be looking to add a few more cents to their bottom line to look into this program.”

End users also benefit from high oleic’s improved soybean oil for both food industry and industrial applications. Demand for the zero trans fat oil is expected to grow. Get the premium details from your local DuPont Pioneer rep and hear more from Kevin Wilson in the full HAT interview:Kevin Wilson USB