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Wine and Beer Bill Headed to Governor’s Desk


wine and beerState Representative Dave Ober (R-Albion) has authored a bill to address a local concern involving wineries and distilleries. House Bill (HB) 1053 would allow farm wineries, microbreweries and artisan distilleries to serve their beer, wine or liquor at the same service bar without requiring a structure to separate the service of beer and wine. The bill passed unanimously out of the Indiana House of Representatives and has also passed the Senate this week. “This bill works to address an issue that was brought to my attention by a local farm winery and microbrewery in my district,” said Rep. Ober. “House Bill 1053 is intended to remove some of the burden facing both business owners and consumers that go to farm wineries, microbreweries and artisan distilleries that occupy the same building.”


Currently, the Alcohol and Tobacco Commission requires microbreweries and farm wineries that occupy the same building to have a wall or partition separating the areas of service for beer and wine. This legislation would lessen the burden on business owners and allow customers easier access to their products. “I am pleased to author a bill that addresses a problem for local businesses in my district and across the state,” said Rep. Ober. “As a state representative, it is rewarding any time I can take a problem facing my community and present a solution.” The measure is on its way to the Governor’s desk where it will likely be approved.