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Women of Indiana Agribusiness Session to Feature Women in Indiana Government



The second in the Women of Indiana Agribusiness seminar series this Friday morning features a panel discussion of women leaders in government, including Lt. Governor Suzanne Crouch. The panel moderator is Amy Cornell, president of the Agribusiness Council of Indiana, presenter of the series.

“We want to discuss with them why all of them decided to choose public service,” Cornell explains. “What has been their greatest reward in leading, what are some of the ways they look for opportunities to help agriculture and agribusiness in their day to day jobs? What’s been the biggest challenge, and overall how do they best serve as leaders for women within the industry.”

Senator Jean Leising, Chair of the Senate Agriculture Committee is also a panelist, and she is joined by Representative Melanie Wright, Ranking Minority Member, House Agriculture and Rural Development Committee, and Julia Wickard, Assistant Commissioner, Office of Program Support and IDEM Agricultural Liaison.

Cornell said that with other Indiana organizations serving women in agriculture through the years falling by the wayside, ACI determined it would be good to serve their members with the Women in Indiana Agribusiness seminars. She told HAT that the reaction to the first session was overwhelmingly positive.

“So many of the attendees said they wish it could have gone longer, that they really appreciated the conversation that we had,” she said. “Overall there’s just a lot of excitement and we’ve definitely seen an uptick in registrations from companies that had attendees the first time. So, we’re just happy to see the energy and excitement and happy to see that we were right, that there was a segment of our membership that wanted this service and this education, and we’re happy to help provide it to them.”

Friday’s panel discussion will be followed by networking time and light refreshments will be served. It is being held at Bose McKinney & Evans on Monument Circle in Indianapolis, and we’re told the event is now sold out. You can get on a waiting list by visiting the ACI event page at their website.

Other ACI events this summer are the Summer Fly-In July 16–17, 2019 where members will join TFI, ARA and CropLife America for a Washington, D.C. fly-in, and the 2019 Golf Outing & Cornhole Tournament on July 24.