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Would Pence as VP be Good for Agriculture?


Would Pence as VP be Good for Agriculture?

Mike-Pence-State-fairMedia speculation is that later today Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump will pick Indiana Governor Mike Pence to be his running mate. What would that mean for agriculture?

Governor Mike Pence and Tom MyletMike Pence, both as Governor and as Congressional Representative, has been a strong advocate for agriculture. During his first term in Congress, he served on the House Ag Committee.  As Governor, Pence has not been shy about promoting agriculture, including driving a combine Cass County, “The technology involved in agriculture today is truly inspiring.”

Promoting technological innovation in production agriculture was a key platform of his campaign when Pence first ran for Indiana Governor. Since being elected, Pence has been a strong supporter of the AgriNovus program designed to foster technological innovation in agriculture in Indiana.

Pence has also signed several key pieces of legislation into law that benefit the growth and profitability of agriculture, including several key tax reform measures that have lowered property taxes paid by Indiana farmers.  Governor Pence has also been a strong supporter of the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS), writing several letters in support of higher ethanol blends to the EPA.

Pence porkIn addition to supporting key farm issues like renewable energy, biotechnology,  trade, and transportation, Pence also identifies with many of the values of rural America. A regular attendee at the State Fair, Pence espouses the values of Agriculture, “One of the greatest sources of strength we have is the farm and the heritage and values it fosters.”

If selected as a Vice Presidential candidate, it will be the first time in a long time that someone with agricultural connections and understanding will be part of a national ticket. However, Pence’s strong support of trade as a tool of economic development and key component for agriculture will clash with Mr. Trump’s recent statements on trade and trade agreements.